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They Call Me 'MOM'

Parenthood as a Passion, Motherhood as a Ministry

Growing up as a pastor's kid in the Midwest was not as wholesome as it may sound. One thing that saddened me for many years was that my young parents did not realize that my siblings and I needed them more than the church members. Unfortunately, we kids and our needs always took a back seat to the demands of the church, & I grew to resent that.


But as I got older, I realized that Mom & Dad honestly didn't know better! They knew we were 'good' kids and probably felt their focus was more urgently required for the church's needs.


Well, today, that church building stands vacant. The members have all aged out, and a few have passed on. But as I drive by that building occasionally, one thing stays with me:

"Your Family is Your Ministry."


So, I make sure to invest in my children's spiritual health - encouraging each of them to have a relationship with Jesus Christ on a personal level.


Throughout the years I have ministered as an evangelist, worship leader, and intercessor - I have been on fire for the Lord and worked diligently to encourage others to have an encounter with this God who loves us so deeply. But despite all of it, I've learned that my true passion is parenthood, and that the most impactful ministry I will ever have is that of being a mother.​







Psalm 127 : 3
Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from Him

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